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Regional Agents

sentiment:1839 Published time :2017-09-01 15:50

As the Regional Agency of JBE :

First, The company decided to take the standardized regional exclusive distributor, selling Shenzhen JBE Security Products to achieve the business market goals.
Second, JBE will provide:

1. To provide quality products with a preferential price, and also provide refund and replacement for problem product;
2. To Support Strong advertising, large domestic media ad, and local newspaper media and hard of soft paper advertising;
3. To set up a dedicated marketing team, offer sales training information, and cooperate with dealers for local sales activities.
4. To carry out customer service, public relations activities;
5. To provide a detail marketing plan,and promotional color papers and advertising items to the dealer;
6. To create the terminal building and maintenance of security products with dealers;
7. To protect distribution rights and ensure the stability of the market and avoid vicious competition with stabilize market price system.